Grindstone 2.2.5598

Efficiently organize your daily tasks

Grindstone is a free tool for time management that helps you keep track of all your tasks. View full description


  • Excellent task management system
  • Timer and Stopwatch features
  • Includes reminders to resume paused sessions
  • Twitter integration


  • Timer is small and hard to read on some screens


Grindstone is a free tool for time management that helps you keep track of all your tasks.

If you lead a busy life and often get overwhelmed by your to-do list, Grindstone can help you keep on task. It's a program that's well laid-out and has many smart features, making it more complete than most other utilities in its class.

Grindstone's main window is divided into two panels. The top panel lets you create and add tasks into columns that can be modified to suit your needs. When creating a task, Grindstone lets you specify the time and date it needs to be completed, which will show up in the lower panel.

When you're ready to get to work, just choose a task and press F5 to get started. Grindstone's timer is always visible, so you'll know how long you spent on it. The timer also has controls to stop and resume recording if you need to take a break. The nice thing is that if you do take a break, Grindstone will prompt you to let it know how much time away from your computer you spent so it can track that as well when you return.

The autopilot mode, on the other hand, detects the applications you use and adds to the overall statistics, which are available from the Reports menu.

There's also integration with Twitter to send updates about what you're doing, a nice timer (useful for applying certain time management methodologies), and a wizard to install the program on a USB stick so you can even take Grindstone and your tasks on the go.

Grindstone is a truly comprehensive time management app that many users will find useful to help them complete tasks.



Grindstone 2.2.5598